Invited Speakers

Plenary speaker

Elizabeth M Nolan

Metal sequestration by calprotectin and consequences on microbial physiology

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge MA, USA




Confirmed Invited Speakers


Pascal Arnoux (France)

Bacterial nicotinamine-like metallophores : discovery, diversity, regulation and evolution


Claudia A Blindauer (United Kingdom)

 A single zinc sensor mediates the response of an oligotrophic marine cyanobacterium to zinc excess and starvation


Jacques Bourguignon (France)

The fate of uranium in plants – Physiological and cellular effects


Stefano Ciurli (Italy)

Nickel trafficking in the urease system


Maria Fillat (Spain)  -> Left menu -> Research group:
“Genetic regulation and physiology of cyanobacteria”

Metalloregulation of cyanobacterial physiology operated by FUR (ferric uptake regulator) proteins


Katharina Fromm (Switzerland)

How bacteria cope with silver: Silver ion coordination by proteins and metal ion reduction, maintaining homeostasis


Robert P Hausinger (USA)

Nickel-Pincer Nucleotide Cofactor


John D. Helmann (USA)

Manganese homeostasis in Bacillus subtilis


Marian Llamas (Spain)

Sensing the environment and the host: iron transport and signalling in Pseudomonas


Svetlana Lutsenko (United States of America)

Intestinal copper regulates fat absorption


Olivier Neyrolles (France)

Metallobiology at the host-pathogen interface: the case of tuberculosis


Dietrich H. Nies (Germany)

The three pillars of bacterial zinc homeostasis


Richard Ortega (France)

Metals and morphological synaptic plasticity: insights from correlative super resolution and synchrotron imaging


Clotilde Policar (France)

Imaging metal complexes in cells : from Single Core Multimodal Probes to Metallodrugs


Liliana Quintanar (Mexico)

Metal-induced aggregation of gamma-crystallins: Insights into the

bioinorganic chemistry of cataract disease


Nigel Robinson (United Kingdom)

How cells help proteins to acquire the correct metals: Free energies of metalation


Michael Sperling (Germany)

Elemental bioimaging and speciation analysis to track gadolinium retention from MRI contrast agents in the body


 Blockhuys Stephanie  (Sweden) Pernilla Wittung Stafshede

 New role of copper protein in cancer


Aixin Yan (Hong Kong)

Cross-talk of the zinc, iron, and copper homeostatic pathways

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